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The Reckless and the Brave 4
"Sir, there are Killjoys still free."
"We must capture them. They will be hard to catch but we can do it. I can't have them screwing everything up."
"What about this one we caught at the hospital?"
"Get all the information out of him you can. Do whatever you have to, then brainwash him like the others."
We ended up sleeping on the stage of the circus that night using the costumes to make beds. I didn't sleep much but when I woke up everyone was still asleep. I decided to let them sleep, I wanted some time to myself. I tip-toed around them and walked out the front doors. I walked a couple paces and found a nice spot in the shade the buliding created. Even though the sun was just starting to rise it was already hot. I took off my jacket and set it down next to me along with my gun. I watched the sunrise for about an hour, or what seemed like an hour, there was no way of telling time anymore, when I heard footsteps next to me and a figure sit down.
"Beautiful sun this morning. Do yo
:icongerardmikeyway:gerardmikeyway 3 2
The Reckless and the Brave 3
I woke up in the dirt with a headache. I didn't remember much from the previous night but from what I did remember we walked right into a sandstorm and had to take cover which meant curling up in a ball and praying not to get lifted off the ground. We were there for so long I must've fell asleep. I looked over to see Ray, Mikey, and Frank still asleep using their guns as I pillow. I didn't want to wake them. Who knows when we might get to rest again? Meanwhile I located the bag Bob had thrown me right before he...I can't even think about it. Inside the bag was a dozen tomato and cheese sandwhiches and 4 canteens filled with stagnant water. I thanked Bob for planning ahead and put all the stuff back in along with my mask from the hospital. I found my gun and examined it. It looked just like a regular gun and it was hospital white. I pointed out into the open desert and fired. It shot off not a bullet like I was expecting but sparks. Ray woke up panicing and breathing really heavy.
:icongerardmikeyway:gerardmikeyway 6 11
The Reckless and the Brave 2
Therapy went by in a blur. All I was thinking about was what Bob and Ray had said. I was so wrapped up in my thoughts I jumped when Frank tapped me and asked me if I was going back to the room. I agreed and we started down the long hallway to the elevator. When we got in Frank asked "Have you been thinking about what they said too?"
"Of course. I'm freaking out Frank. I don't want to become a mindless zombie. I want to think for myself and more importantly I want to get out of here. Immediantly."
"We'll it's our first day so I think we should lay low for a while, blend in and pretend to do what they ask. Meanwhile we can think of an escape plan. We should get Bob and Ray in on it too. I feel we can trust them and they've been here longer so they know the place better than we do."
"Yea I guess your right. I just feel like I'm suffocating in this place, I mean it doesn't even have any real windows and it has fake air! I just wanna get back to our room so I can change into my real clothes
:icongerardmikeyway:gerardmikeyway 11 8
The Reckless and the Brave 1
It was the first day of therapy and I was loathing every minute of it. My parents checked me in and told me to have fun. Who wouldn't have fun with a bunch of freaks complaining about their problems? I mean, I do have depression and want to die but I don't belong here. This is for the people who want to get better and I have no intentions of doing that anytime soon. I would rather be this way for the rest of my life than to not feel anything at all. I tried explaining this to my parents but yet here I am. I walk in and sit down in the most uncomfortable chair I've ever sat in. That's when I realized there is only one other person in the room. He's got short brown hair and tattoos covering his arms, and he's kind of cute. He's not looking at me though, he's staring at the man walking through the door holding a clipboard and a pen.
"Hey guys, My name's Dr. Orien." He sat down in the only available chair left. Dr. Orien was wearing a white lab coat and looked like he just swallowed a pump
:icongerardmikeyway:gerardmikeyway 12 9
Suicide Letters-Part 2-Frerard
The hospital smelled too clean and it burned his nose. He stepped outside to get some fresh air and walked to a nearby coffee shop. He ordered his coffee without sugar and sat down at a table in the corner by the windows. He looked at all the people on the sidewalk hurrying along to get to their destinations, all the people in their cars driving too fast. They didn't know, none of them, that a boy tried and most likely succeeded in an atempt at suicide. They only cared about where they were headed. They never stopping to ask how anyone else was, not even stopping to see how truly beautiful the world was. They were just rushing past it all.
The lake is beautiful today. The water was calm as the boats landed at the dock. The sun was leaning halfway over the water and the sky was a mix of pinks, yellows, and oranges yet no one seemed to notice. They were all too caught up in plans for dinner or what they were doing tonight.
Does anyone care about each other anymore or ar
:icongerardmikeyway:gerardmikeyway 14 8
Mature content
Suicide Letters-Part 1-Frerard :icongerardmikeyway:gerardmikeyway 19 15
Golden Notebook
There she was, standing waiting for the bus, like she always did every morning.
Here I was, standing a couple feet away from her, like I did every morning, waiting for the bus.
The bus stopped in front of us, just like it always did, every morning.
She climbed the bus first, like she always did, and punched her card.
I followed and punched my card.
She sat down in the back, her usual seat, and I sat down in the middle, my usual seat.
The bus jolted and took off down the road.
I turned to look at her.
She was gorgeous.
Her red hair flowing just past her shoulders.
Her perfect skin, not a blemish to be found.
Her cherry lips, begging to be kissed.
Her hazel eyes, showing the pain she tries to hide.
She writes in a golden notebook.
Telling stories of her sorrow and misery.
The bus stopped like it usually did.
A boy stepped on, like he did every morning.
He went to sit by his friends.
Everyday they make fun of the girl with the golden notebook.
Calling her ugly and fat, that she will never
:icongerardmikeyway:gerardmikeyway 3 0
Frerard-First Impressions 5
My first class went by so slow. Not that it normaly didn't, but now I had something to look forward to. Gerard and I made sure we would see each other between classes and we had our next class together. I looked at the clock, an hour left. I took out my notebook and started drawing Gee. I had just finished his messy hair when the bell rang. I shoved my notebook in my backpack and rushed out the door running to my other class. I was almost there when I tripped on something hard. A bunch of kids started laughing and as I turned around to see what tripped me I heard the voice that made my skin crawl.
"Jeez, watch where you're going Frankie. You bruised my shin." Bob rubbed his leg.
"Oh, I'm so sorry your poor shin is bruised. I think I may have just bruised my everything with that fall. Does that make you happy?"
"Actually now that I think about it, it does."
"Havn't you done enough to me?"
I needed to leave. I couldn't be here anymore. I got up and walked right out the front doors
:icongerardmikeyway:gerardmikeyway 16 15
Cartoon Gerard by gerardmikeyway Cartoon Gerard :icongerardmikeyway:gerardmikeyway 4 4
Frerard-First Impressions 4
I woke up to the sound of a loud beeping and Gerard's arms around me. I felt a kiss on my cheek.
"Good morning beautiful." I knew it was going to be good day though thoughts from last night still haunted my head. Gerard got up and shut the alarm off. "Come on, we gotta get dressed for school." Ugh, school. Nobody liked me there anyway, why bother going? I got up anyway and 30 minutes later I was walking through the front doors in my favorite Misfits shirt and black skinny jeans. Gerard sure was convincing. If it was up to me I'd skip and go to the coffee shop. As we walked to my locker hand-in-hand we got some disguted looks. I wanted to be anywhere else but Gerard kept leading me forward.
"Don't mind them," he whispered in my ear. "They don't know you like I do." He winked and pushed me against my locker to kiss me. I forgot everything else once his lips were on mine. He was right. Who cares about them? Gerard was the best thing in my life right now and no one was gonna ruin th
:icongerardmikeyway:gerardmikeyway 13 3
I rushed to hospital in tears and ran inside. Earlier today I got a call from my mom saying he was hurt. I found the room with his name on it and opened the door. There he was, laying in a hospital bed breathing through a tube with needles sticking out of his arms. I saw large red gashes going down his forearms. Oh god, he didn't. I broke down and fell to the floor crying. This was all my fault. If I hadn't had yelled at him he wouldn't have done this. I got up and walked to his side and took his hand.
"I'm sorry," I whispered. And I really was. He was doing so good and then I yelled at him for a stupid thing and now he was in the hospital. I forgot how fragile his heart was. I started crying all over again. A nurse walked in and saw me on my knees beside his bed.
"You know he's going to make it," she said with sympathy. I wiped my eyes and looked up.
"Really?" I wanted to believe it but I knew he'd never be fully recovered from this experience. The scars on his heart would never heal
:icongerardmikeyway:gerardmikeyway 23 13
Mature content
Frerard-First impressions 3 :icongerardmikeyway:gerardmikeyway 15 7
Frerard-First Impressions 2
We walked to his house in silence. I wanted to know what he was thinking. He kept his head down looking at the snow. "We're here,"  He said, breaking the silence.
I looked at the two-story house. It was painted a faint blue with huge windows so you could see inside the whole house. The sold sign was still in the front yard. I couldn't believe it. This was my old house. The one that held all the ugly memories. Then it hit me. My parents really didn't want me. They were willing to leave their only kid here and move who knows where and never look back. My knees gave out and I fell to the ground.
"What's wrong?" Gerard asked with concern, dropping to my side. I couldn't tell Gerard. That would make things akward and I just got to meet him. I slowly got up.
"Sorry, my leg fell asleep." I was such a bad liar.
"You want me to carry you?"
"No, I'm okay." But I wasn't. I knew my parents kicked me out but did they really have to move? That stung. I walked through the familiar do
:icongerardmikeyway:gerardmikeyway 16 10
Why? - Frerard
After all we've been through,
You turn around and stab a knife in my back.
You promised you'd stop.
You said you were done.
So what happened?
How did you end up this way again?
You were getting better.
You were almost healed.
But broken hearts still have cracks.
Even though they look put together.
Your drunken screams aimed directly for me.
Showing up on my doorstep saying you'd "fucked up again".
The scars on your wrists made you hate yourself.
But the pain felt so good. You needed to feel something.
I helped you though your darkest days.
The ones when you thought you couldn't make it.
But now this?
What does this help?
Seeing you at the hospital.
All drugged up with IV's everywhere.
You opened your eyes only for a second.
Gazed right into my soul.
I knew you were gone then.
You closed you eyes and the line went flat.
That look still haunts me, the one that shows up in my dreams.
After I've cried myself to sleep once again.
I whisper your name when no one's around.
The one that wil
:icongerardmikeyway:gerardmikeyway 5 6
Frerard-First Impressions 1
I walked through the freshly fallen snow to the park. Where was he? He was supposed to meet me here at 6pm and it was already 6:10. I sat down on the bench thinking who was this mystery person? Earlier this week I had received several love letters saying he was in love with me and wanted to meet me but was too shy. The last letter I got was to meet him here at 6 and he would show himself. It was comforting to know there were other people out there like me.
It hadn't always been easy being gay. I had admitted it to my parents last year and they kicked me out of the house. Forced to live on the streets I had grown cold with anger and frustration. If my own parents didn't want me was there a reason to live? Then there were the kids at school. Somehow they had found out  I was gay and ever since then everyone had shunned me. The guys at school would beat me up in front of a crowd for fun. They would pin my arms behind my back so I couldn't fight back and  then ta
:icongerardmikeyway:gerardmikeyway 24 13
Gerard Way by gerardmikeyway Gerard Way :icongerardmikeyway:gerardmikeyway 7 0


Revenge by Wicketcity Revenge :iconwicketcity:Wicketcity 46 3 Frnk Eyes by Lizlemay Frnk Eyes :iconlizlemay:Lizlemay 36 2
The Ruins of Yesterday
    You waited for me, but I’m never here.  
    It’s late autumn.  The wind is howling in my ears, swishing the grass around my feet, and chilling me to the bone.  It should make me feel anguished, distressed, but it only registers blankly in the back of my brain as something else that’s happening.  I like the cold.  Some days, it feels like I’ve only known the sensation of ice penetrating my skin, sorting through all of my layers until it gets to the very pulse of who I am.
    I think of how everything’s changed, how what used to make us smile and laugh turned into the hate that twisted everything, forever.  I think of how you used to smile at me, before things started to tear apart, before we all called it quits that day.  
    Maybe it really was my fault.  To this day, I still don’t know.  Could it have been something I said, something I did, that pushed me dow
:iconradarlove413:radarlove413 3 4
It kills me to see
the constellations in your eyes
become shooting stars
gliterring over the hills
of your cheekbones.
:iconglasses-and-blades:Glasses-And-Blades 32 5
Would you have the guts to say by LauraHelenaRose Would you have the guts to say :iconlaurahelenarose:LauraHelenaRose 24 9
Waste of Space 2/2
His mother always told him she could forgive him no matter what, and Gerard was hoping she could stick to her claim just this once, but his father would not, let alone allow his mother to. Gerard knew how it was, before it even began, she would coo and coddle him, and then he would argue and destroy him. Gerard knew that he was doing what he believed was right, he was teaching him to “be a man” to toughen up, to survive. Gerard couldn’t do that, he’d messed his brain up enough already, the stress of even trying to look after himself would surly destroy his already fragile mind.
He agreed to leave the house after he’d had a shower, he had locked the wooden door with a click, and stripped himself of his clothes. He turned to the large mirror on the wall behind the sink. And just stared. Under his eyes where purple, and bruising covered his face, he looked sick, he was sick. The more he stared the angrier he got, it was like looking at someone else’s bo
:iconbeautifulbrokenlove:BeautifulBrokenLove 2 0
List of MCR plz accounts (part 3)
Gerard and Mikey | Frank, Ray, and Bob  | Slash, BL/ind, Other, Group, and Stamps
Apparently dA put a limit on the amount of plzes you can have on one journal last night, so I've had to split these up. Here are the rest of the plzes. If I missed any, let me know!
:iconmcrdeviantclub:MCRdeviantClub 22 4
List of MCR plz accounts (part 2)
Gerard and Mikey | Frank, Ray, and Bob  | Slash, BL/ind, Other, Group, and Stamps
Apparently dA put a limit on the amount of plzes you can have on one journal last night, so I've had to split these up. Here are the Frank, Ray, and Bob plzes. If I missed any, let me know!
:iconmcrdeviantclub:MCRdeviantClub 24 3
Gerard and Mikey's Houses are For Sale
Based on this article that Gerard commented on via twitter, I was able to find the two houses.
This was where Gerard lived, and this was where Mikey lived.
I don't know if anyone will actually be interested in this, but I'm a big real estate buff, and it's always interesting to see celebrity homes. Moreover, this is great because I love MCR, and a glimpse into where they lived is pretty neat.
:iconmcrdeviantclub:MCRdeviantClub 15 79
I'm not dead, I only dress that way by ART-RevolveR I'm not dead, I only dress that way :iconart-revolver:ART-RevolveR 44 2 I am not afraid. by ZoeDavis I am not afraid. :iconzoedavis:ZoeDavis 108 20 ghost in the snow by PaigeEmily ghost in the snow :iconpaigeemily:PaigeEmily 26 7 Frankie by LiloLilosa Frankie :iconlilolilosa:LiloLilosa 39 8 we are perfectly imperfect (c) by AvaLadyboyAdore we are perfectly imperfect (c) :iconavaladyboyadore:AvaLadyboyAdore 57 10 The Future is Bulletproof by amara-alya The Future is Bulletproof :iconamara-alya:amara-alya 86 6 disenchanted by tothepavement disenchanted :icontothepavement:tothepavement 45 6


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